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Happy 35th birthday, Tomo Milicevic! (September 3, 1979)

"We’ve had other musicians play with us before but no one has been a part of it in the way that Tomo has. No one has believed in it the way he has—wholeheartedly without reservation. He’s in it with the purest of intentions. It’s wonderful to have found that. Tomo will often elevate an entire song just with a brush stroke. He’s gifted in that way." -Jared Leto

"Tomo is committed, he is loyal, light, he is funny. He’s just a good guy. What you see is what you get, usually, with Tomo." -Shannon Leto

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Happy 35th birthday, Tomo Miličević! (September 3, 1979)

      That’s the beautiful thing about music and kind of art in generalEven a painter that paints trees and houses leaves things open to interpretation.